GG Industry is a gaming specialized full service communication agency founded in 2020 and based in Bucharest, Romania.

Are we humans or are we gamers? We already figured this part out and since you’re here you’re also thinking about it. Gaming is mainstream. Some countries are already teaching e-sports in schools. United States of America treats pro-gamers as professional athletes. Everything is digital. It’s time your brand learns to talk gaming.


Hall of fame



We’ve been working in the gaming industry for a decade and our client portfolio proves that we provide solid information, we have the necessary experience and we mean business.


The gaming community knows and trusts our efforts in improving the industry to fit the needs of each of it’s member.


Our content creators team members are hand-picked, invested in and constantly helped to grow in quality and acknowledge their influence over their audiences.


GG-Industry’ management is part of the biggest local gaming happenings: Bucharest Gaming Week, Bloggers Lan Party and East European Comic Con.


We can cover a broad area of communication services from BTL & ATL advertising, to social media, PR, art, creation, copywriting and legal departments.


We keep in touch with a broad list of service suppliers and can provide on demand access to any type of gaming campaign